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To make the transition from being one of a plethora of stalls in a traditional Singapore hawker centre to a genuine brand takes something special. All the more so for Hainanese Chicken Rice. While the dish itself may be as common as the air we breathe, those that have transcended the norm to become truly great are rare.

“Like all great success stories, the fame of Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice is founded on courage, skill and passion. ”

Growing the business from an unknown stall all the way to one of the most recognized and best venues for Hainanese Chicken Rice in Singapore is Madam Foo Kui Lian. Who still presides over the quality of the food at all three outlets with a watchful and experienced eye even though she is beyond the age where most retired.

Before we start, a quick word of advice to any visitors that are reading this – a certain guide to the quality of the food at any hawker centre stall is the length of the queue. It was because of just such stalls at the original outlet located at Stall 10, Maxwell Food Centre that Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice expanded.

“When you dine at this legend, you must not miss to have the legendary dish.”

The (Steamed ) Hainanese chicken rice. This is (deliberately) served slightly chilled .Which is very refreshing and light on a hot day. The soothing coolness is also a perfect counterpoint to the “fierceness” of the chilli. Most important of all, and setting this delectable dish aside from the rest, is the Hainanese rice. Light, smooth and slightly buttery with just a hint of garlic.

“According to Anthony Bourdain, the rice can be taken alone. Although simple it delivers a taste that develops wonderfully and engages with the senses!”

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